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offers customized mailing solutions to process all types of discounted and presorted first class and standard mailings, as well as fulfillment services.

Postage is based on many factors, including the size and shape of the mail piece, the weight of the piece, the class of mail, the density within a zip code, the distance the mail travels and the business type (profit or non-profit) of the owner of the mail.  New shape-based postage rates have further complicated postage discounts and requirements for mailing.  Postage can be a significant expense for any organization and Speedy Mail has qualified and well trained staff to assist in obtaining all possible discounts for you.

INKJET ADDRESSING:  Inkjet addressing allows personalization of your mail piece with various fonts, logos, and the addition of variable information onto each piece from your database. This process allows for multiple location return addresses, sale or events data, attention getting text or graphics and even use of colored inks on a wide variety of materials. This adds to the professional appearance of the mail pieces and also helps speed up processing through the USPS mail system. Technology has improved over the past several years and new fast drying inks allow printing on almost any surface. A variety of personalization techniques can be used on exterior envelopes. Personalization may be done during the printing or barcoding and addressing of the envelopes. Speedy Mail is well versed in the USPS barcoding and addressing requirements for various classes and sizes of mail, and is happy to work with you to obtain postage discounts available for a well designed and addressed mail piece.

FOLDING & INSERTING:  Letters and documents, flyers and cards can be processed through our equipment to be gathered, folded and inserted into your mail pieces. Although folding may sound simple to do, it is an important step in the mail piece design process and it is essential that it is completed properly to meet USPS requirements for discounted postage. Speedy Mail ensures that folding is done correctly in order to avoid problems in the automation and inserting processes. We can fold paper down from very large sizes at impressive speeds. Our staff ensures your pieces are folded evenly to prevent jams and wasted materials. Folding can also save you postage by converting from a flat to a letter size mail piece. When the folding step is completed, the mail piece will be sent on to the next step in our shop. By utilizing our inserting technology, you can be assured that the correct number of pages and the correct inserts will be included in each envelope. Having us complete your folding and inserting not only saves time and resources, but offers the ability for more targeted inserts to the recipients of your mail. Click here to see one of our folding machines in action.

TABBING & AFFIXING STAMPS:  Tabbing consists of properly placing the USPS required number of wafer tabs in the correct location(s) on your mail pieces. Tabbing can lower your postage costs by making your mail automation compatible with the US Post Office high speed equipment. Other benefits of tabbing include a more professional finish to your mail pieces, as well as ensuring that all items inserted into a mail piece are delivered intact. Tabbing allows self mailers to receive maximum postage discounts, saving you additional postage costs. We are able to affix tabs or self-adhesive stamps during the tabbing process. Affixing stamps offers an opportunity to further customize a mail piece. Click here to see one of our tabbing machines in action.

BARCODING OF PREADDRESSED & INSERTED MAIL:  Speedy Mail is unique in Alaska in that we are able to sort and place a USPS approved barcode onto mail pieces already addressed and inserted into envelopes. This allows faster USPS processing of your mailing and generates additional postage savings for you. Postage is based on many factors, including the density of pieces in a particular zip code, and Speedy Mail is able to combine numerous companies and organizations pre-addressed mail into one mailing to raise the density of mail to a zip code, generating cost savings for you and speedier delivery to your recipients. Processing of mail through our barcoding machines allows the mail to be read and analyzed, address verified and the ZIP+4 barcode applied. The mail is then sorted to geographical area post offices and put in trays for processing to the closest delivery point. Mail co-mingling helps save our customers postage and speeds up the transportation and delivery of that mail.

METERING OF POSTAGE ON MAIL PIECES:  Having Speedy Mail provide processing of your mail through our metering equipment with the ability to track the number of pieces by weight and postage amounts within your organizations' departments is another cost saving for you. Our staff is trained with the most up to date metering equipment and software systems. Your organization's cost for metering has become an expensive proposition. In addition to the mandatory meter rental and the purchase or lease of the meter base, you have additional costs of ink cartridges and tapes necessary to affix postage to packages. Meter manufacturing companies often charge surcharges for software changes when postage rates change. USPS shape-based postage rates have further complicated meter staff training and dramatically increased postage for some organizations. As many companies know, postage expenses can be substantial, so having well-qualified and trained personnel is essential to obtain all possible postage discounts. Outsourcing your postage metering to Speedy Mail has additional benefits. We ensure that postage meter amounts on your mail will be correct. Letter size First Class envelopes are co-mingled with other First Class mail and processed at lower postage rates. Complete documentation of your mail processing is included with job or monthly billings.

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Folding Machine

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Tabbing Machine

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Sorter / Barcoding Machine

Speedy Mail's sorter/barcoder provides maximum postage discounts
and ensures faster service through the US mail.

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